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The Cinsay Player Extended

Features for users looking for more control and advanced analytics, as well as access to our API.

Partner Program

Cinsay now offers the ability to sell the Smart Store to your own clients and make a profit for yourself. This is perfect for marketing agencies, large websites and other companies with clients needing a top tier video player and e-commerce solution. This enables Reseller Partners to become an effective sales and service delivery channel, while Cinsay focuses on developing great solutions to better support partner success.

Referral Partner
Help your customers improve their eCommerce results by introducing Cinsay's Smart Store™. You will have the opportunity to generate revenue for your business but not stand in the middle of your client and Cinsay. Fill out the partner application form, become a partner and then introduce Cinsay to your client. You can stay involved or we'll do all the selling. Either way, when your client purchases and we receive payment, you've earned your referral reward.
Reseller Partner
Cinsay has developed a multi-level program for Reseller Partners committed to distributing Cinsay's Products and Services. As a Reseller Partner, you maintain your relationship with your customer while providing them powerful marketing tool combined with services your team can provide. Reseller Partners have access to sell the entire Cinsay platform of products and services such as Smart Store™ licensing, and Optional Services from Cinsay.
Solutions Partner
Cinsay solution partners gain exclusive access to our Developer API and technical resources to integrate products and services with the Cinsay Social Commerce Platform. As part of our developer ecosystem you can use our technology to enhance your product and service offerings and reach new customers through our network of Referral Partners and Resellers.
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Developer API

The Cinsay Developer API allows developers to create custom applications, custom video players, and utilize technologies within the Cinsay CMS. Developers can now create branded video players with custom skins, logos, and content. The statistics API calls allow developers to create analytic reports or integrate their Cinsay statistics with their own reporting. Developers can also create custom applications that can interact with the Cinsay shopping cart, credit card processing, and product orders.

Player API
Store API
Assets API
Video API
Product API