Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Smart Store?

The Smart Store is an embeddable, shareable, and portable video player. Inside the video player you can sell products, generate leads, accept donations, and link to anywhere.

2. Is the Smart Store compatible on mobile devices?

Yes. On mobile devices, the video player turns into our HTML5 version of the Smart Store. A different user interface is brought to the end user to provide a positive user experience for your customers, clients, and visitors.

3. Where can it embed?

The Smart Store can embed on any website that you can edit the html code on. In addition to websites, you can also post your video on Facebook without losing any functionality of the player. Your facebook followers can seamlessly purchase products through your video.

4. Can I manage my inventory?

Yes. The store management comes with a fully functional inventory database. You can manage quantity, prices, and even shipping rates through the store manager.

5. Is there a customer manager?

Yes. The Cinsay admin area stores all of the contact information and purchase information of each transaction.

6. How do I create my first Smart Store?

From your Client Administration site, scroll over Stores, Store Management and click Manage Stores from the Drop-down menu. On the Manage Stores page, click Add New Stores in the top right corner. Enter the name of your New Store. You may also add an optional short description to help differentiate your new store from any stores you may have previously created. You must click Active to activate your new store. When you are ready, click Save Store.

7. How do I setup a merchant account?

Please visit our Merchant Account Setup page.

8. What video formats can be used?

The types of supported media formats include .H264, .FLV, .VP6, 3GP, .MP4, .WMV, .MPEG, and .AVI.

9. How is the quality of the video?

We encode our videos at a very high bit rate in order to get the highest quality of video possible with good buffer rates.

10. Is there an alotted amount of bandwidth for my videos?

No. Currently all of our Smart Stores receive unlimited bandwidth on their videos.

11. What image formats can be used?

The supported image formats include .jpg, .png, .tiff, and .gif.

12. How can I embed my store to my Facebook Wall?

Simply find the Smart Store that you want to post on facebook, and click on the Facebook icon.

13. How can I process Credit Cards?

Credit cards are processed directly through the player. Currently, our Smart Store player accepts Visa, Discover, and Master Card.


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