Traditional eComm Conversion Rates Pale in Comparison

It’s been a month since we launched MyCinsay, the self-managed version of Cinsay (in addition to our managed services) at the Spring 2012 Demo Conference. The Demo Conference was exceptional—we’ve received a lot of press and a surge in adoption and we even got cozy with some of the other teams (hi Arqball!) and began collaborating on additional ways to make your social video commerce experience even better.

The eCommerce industry is expected to increase from  2011′s modest $5 billion mark and reach a whopping $30 billion by 2015, so it’s a good time to be in the online retail space. Add to this, the fact that 70% of adults who use social networks are online shoppers, social commerce is the boom town of the online retail space, which means our social commerce solution puts you in a sweet spot when it comes to closing the loop on your online sales and reducing marketing spend.

We’ve signed up a slew of SMBs and entrepreneurs (check out the customer gallery) to our self-managed service, and I am happy to report that the conversion rates our users are experiencing are astronomical compared to other eCommerce solutions. MyCinsay customers are seeing a 7.9% conversion rate compared to the average conversion rate of 1.5% from traditional eCommerce offerings.

Check out the graph to see what we mean. And, sign up for your free 60-day trial to MyCinsay to see for yourself.